Milwaukee Brewers Cool Hands Micro 'hot pad' Bowls
Attention Milwaukee Brewers fans. My Cool Hands Micro ‘hot pad’ Bowls are now featuring bowls made from Milwaukee Brewers fabric. These bowls are very unique and handy item to have in your kitchen, camper, cabin, or just anywhere you entertain. They are reversible, collapsible and can be stored just about anywhere. Cool Hands Micro Bowls are used to heat or re-heat food in your microwave and protect your hands when you remove that bowl of hot food from the microwave. Simply place your food in your safe microwavable bowl, place that into one of the Cool Hands Micro Bowls, and heat your food. When your food is heated, just take it out of the microwave and place it directly onto your table. No more burning fingers, no more reaching for a towel, or another hot pad for your table. They are decorative as well as functional, adding that unique splash of color and design to your table. Although these bowls were designed for use in your microwave, they have taken on other functions as well. For example; holding hamburger/hot dog buns for your picnic table or pre-game party. Or putting crackers in one for your cheese and sausage platter. Keeping your hands ‘warm’ while eating your favorite bowl of ice cream is another idea. How about showing your team pride by using them to hold your mail and keys at your door year 'round. (see other bowl listings for more pictures.) The possibilities are only limited by your imagination. Cool Hands Micro Bowls are made of 100% cotton fabric, filling and thread. The large bowl measures 12” across. The picture shows Cool Hands Micro Bowls holding an 8 ½” bowl. The smaller bowl measures 9” across and is holding a 6” bowl. I recommend hand washing in cold water and air dry. These make a great gift idea for the older adult in your life, or cancer patients where chemotherapy/radiation treatments have affected their hands. Order yours today.