Radiant Crystal (glows continuously for 15+ years)& Lightsaber Chamber, Self illuminating, 24/7 Glow
First Ever! Self illuminating natural quartz crystal that lasts 15 years +! COLOR = Green No electrical at all! One of kind and first Genuine Natural Quartz Crystal that will glow continuously 24/7 for the next 15 years + Chamber made by full brass parts as well as alloy steel and acrylic discs, full brass nuts, full brass all thread and full brass cylinders. Designed to screw into a female threaded section so that the chassis can be held in place even if the male section is removed. This will only work with male sections that have .4" long male threads. Includes 4-40 threaded holes on the outer ring that will match up to both the metal and acrylic discs. Can also be an insert into graflex hilts. Chamber is 1.31" OD and about 2 3/4 in. from thread to thread. Each chamber is made to fit the natural quartz crystal, so each chamber is sized slightly unique. This chamber is built and ready to ship! It will fit: Original Graflex Original Graflex Replica Anakin Master Replicas Fx Series Luke Master Replicas Fx Series Black Series Luke ROTJ and ANH All Darth Vader Master Replicas or Black Series hilt Will also fit any hilt that has 1.31 " OD diameter