Unique cat toys. Your kitty will go wild!

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Springdale, WA
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Jessie Turney
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Purrrrr, meow and roarrrrr fellow Primal Kitties! Welcome to Primal Kitty where my Primal Human makes unique cat toys out of scraps of American Bison (aka American Buffalo) leather and sheepskin. These real fur cat toys are sure to bring out your Primal side. I know I feel like a true lioness whenever I sink my teeth into my furry little cat toy mouse! Be sure to tell your human to buy you a Primal Kitty toy now......seriously you want one....or 3! MeowMeow for now, Sabrina Kitty =^..^= Join our Newsletter for New Toy announcements, Sales and more! Show us your #primalkitty on Instagram @theprimalkitty Follow us on: