Hanging Wooden Pot Rack For 8 Piece Pot And Pan Set
Hang your pots and pans above your sink to dry and de-clutter your cupboards. The rack has a clean sturdy design built to support any standard cooking set. After looking at how expensive and garish other pot racks are, I hand crafted this for my wife and a few friends. Everyone loves them so much I decided to make a few for Aftcra. Built from sustainable pine this pot rack is a perfect addition above your kitchen sink. The natural look of the wood brings a brightness to the room. The unblemished stainless steel hooks are an elegant support for even cast iron cookware sets. Leave the unfinished pine in its natural state or stain it to match your kitchen. A bit about the pot rack: - Built from sustainable pine. - Stainless steel pot hooks. - Adjustable stainless steel hanging chains included. - Supports up to 8 pots or pans. - 4 ft or 46 inches in length exactly. - The rack is safely rated for 90 lb ( 40 kg ). We provide the ceiling hooks and adjustable height chains. The pot hooks are pre-set to fit all pot sets. No more chasing hooks around the pot rack, each pot has its place. Safety: The pot rack chains are rated up to 90 lbs ( 40 kg ) each. There are two chains so you can hang up to 180 lb ( 90 kg ) distributed over the length of the rack. Be sure to mount the ceiling hooks into wood studs ( not just drywall ). SHIPPING DETAILS - In the US, we ship with UPS, Fedex or USPS and provide tracking and insurance. For international shipment we work with customer recommended carriers.