Old World Kitchen

Handcrafting wooden kitchen utensils including cooking & serving spoons, spatulas, scoops, measuring spoons & cups, baby spoons, and more!

Located In
Jonesville, VA
Owned By
Trevor & Angela Polder
Store Details
Welcome to Old World Kitchen by Polder's Old World Market! A family owned and operated business. We craft handmade wooden kitchen utensils on our 115 acre farm in the mountains of Virginia. We call our line of high end kitchen utensils Dreamware... Because it's the kitchenware of your dreams. We are striving to have the largest, highest quality line of kitchenware in the world. We make wooden cooking spoons, serving spoons, spatulas, measuring cups, ladles, baby spoons, and more. Each piece of Dreamware is handmade by a member of the Polder family using traditional methods. Signed and dated by the maker.