Thank you for visiting my shop! As this information is important, please read before purchasing. By purchasing from my shop you are agreeing to the terms listed in my policies. If you have any questions that are not answered in my shop policies or FAQ's below, please feel free to contact me. I try to describe my pieces to the best of my ability. Photographs are taken with a macro lens and natural lighting to provide as much detail as possible. Please remember that all my pieces are handmade and will of course show signs of such. That's why you're here right! Please know that it takes about two weeks to make your order. After you place an order you, will receive a email from my shop confirming your purchase. My busiest times of the year are May - July and November - February. Please plan ahead when placing an order during these times. When my bench schedule becomes full, I will close my shop temporarily. Wholesale Orders: I require a valid tax identification number. Please inquire for more information about minimums. Consignment: not accepted.

Payment Policy

I accept payments through Pay-pal. For your convenience, you do not have to have a Pay-pal account to pay through Pay-pal. You may use your credit/debit card, or pay by e-check there without setting up an account! I will begin working on your order only AFTER your payment has cleared. If you need to cancel an order it must be done within 72 hours of payment. After 72 it is up to my discretion if a refund is possible.

Shipping Policy

It will take 2 weeks for me to make your order. Your order will ship to the address you listed on your AFTCRA account. At this time I can only ship to addresses inside the US through AFTCRA. DOMESTIC shipping prices: First class mail ranges from $2.50 to $5.00 and delivers in 4-10 business days. Priority mail starts at $5 (includes tracking) and delivers in 2-3 business days. Express mail starts at $20 (includes tracking) and delivers in 1-2 business days. *If you are in need of rush fabrication or a different shipping method, please contact me for before placing your order! I cannot be held personally responsible for undelivered, misdelivered, or undeliverable packages, or packages that are damaged in transit. If you have had problems with mail service in the past I suggest using Fed-Ex (additional fee applies).

Refund & Exchange Policy

Custom inscribed items are nonrefundable and cannot be exchanged. Please note that I inscribe items exactly as requested. It's important for you to double check the dates and words you are requesting prior to submitting your order. Earrings, chains, pendants and rings that are made for your size, but without a personalized inscription, can be exchanged or returned within 14 days after receiving your item. For returns there will be a charge of 20% of the purchase price. Shipping charges are not refundable. Items must be returned in unused condition with the original box and safely packaged in a padded mailer. I will refund your purchase after I have received and inspected your return.

Other Policies

***Sizing and Resizing rings*** It's important to order the correct size right from the start! A jeweler will be the most accurate in determining your size. Measuring a finger with paper strips, a piece of string or a ruler will NOT give you the correct size. Keep in mind that ring sizes do change with time. Be sure to get an updated measurement before ordering. Your fingers on the right hand might have different sizes than those on your left. Spinner rings CANNOT be resized after they are completed. I can resize many of my other designs, but there is a fee for this service. Fees generally run $15 -25. Please contact me if you need re-sizing. Your feedback is important to me. If you experience a problem with your order, please give me the opportunity to correct it before leaving feedback. I will try my best to work it out!

Contact Information

FAQ's Q: How long will it take to receive my order? A: First class parcels are quoted 4-10 business days for delivery by the post office. Priority shipping 2-3 business days. Express shipping 1-2 business days. Q: Why is my finger discolored after wearing my new ring? A: While this does not happen to everyone, it does happen from time to time. This is simply the copper in the ring reacting to the copper in your body. We are constantly releasing chemicals from our bodies sometimes resulting in a reaction with the metal surface. This will not effect the integrity or strength of the ring. Copper levels in some persons bodies may be high and may cause discoloration along the base of the finger - this is difficult to predict - as everyone's chemistry is different. This is not harmful and can be removed with non-gel toothpaste. I recommend coating the inside of the ring with clear nail polish. This creates a barrier between the skin and the ring to prevent this from happening again. Commercially made sterling jewelry is usually rhodium plated to help fight of tarnish. It also helps prevent the skin from coming into contact with the silver. My pieces are handmade and never plated in rhodium. Q: How should I care for my piece? A: Keep your jewelry stored in a air tight bag when you're not using it. Cleaning techniques can vary, please choose according to the finish of your piece! *Polished and shinny pieces: I highly recommend that you purchase a polishing cloth to clean and polish your pieces. The cloth removes tarnish from copper, brass, and silver, and can bring your piece back to a shinny finish. *Matte and brushed finish: You can use Goddards silver cleaner to soak your piece. Depending on the amount of tarnish or dirt, you may need to soak your piece over night. If you want to refresh the brushed look, use a piece of rough sandpaper to lightly rub the surface. *Oxidized or having a patina: Please know that oxidation eventually wears off, giving your jewelry item a personal unique finish. To make oxidation last longer, take your jewelry off at night, when bathing, washing hands, or working strenuously with your hands. Certain chemicals or environmental conditions can strip the oxidation, and other chemicals can make it darker, like sulfur. If you'd like to have your jewelry refinished at no charge (except shipping costs) contact me for shipping info.

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