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This whole thing started 23 years ago when I was in high school back in Wisconsin... Ah yes, the first time I was able to experiment with metal and fire! All that experimenting lead to a college degree. I graduated with my BFA in metalsmithing from Old Dominion University in Virginia. I take pride in my educational background. Having learned my trade while working under a master goldsmith has many benefits. You can rest assured that your piece is handcrafted by a metalsmith who stands behind her work. I care about where we live. All of my designs are alloyed in the US from 100% certified reclaimed material, not freshly mined rough! Why recycled metal? Gold and silver mining is without a doubt one of the world’s dirtiest industries: it uses cyanide, generates heaps of waste, and leaves a long-lasting scar on landscapes and communities. ♻ My focus is on both form and function in relation to sections that open, twist, or move to compliment the body. Each piece that I hand craft is brought to life using traditional metalsmithing techniques such as casting, forging, etching and piercing. Thanks for stopping in! Jen My email is: You can also visit my Etsy shop at: