Custom Puzzle Style T-Shirt/Memory Quilt  - More than 70 T-Shirts
Custom T-shirt quilts made to order! I make personalized memory quilts for the high school graduate, college graduate, athlete, coach, cancer survivor and more! What a great heirloom (and a great reason to get your closets cleaned out!) for the loved one on your list. THIS PARTICULAR QUILT INCLUDES YOUR CHOICE OF 70 OR MORE SHIRT FRONTS OR BACKS. Choice of sashings, borders, and backing is completely the choice of the customer. I will do whatever I can to find what you have in mind. I recommend a 100% cotton print or plaid for the front and usually use 100% cotton flannel for the back for a warm, snuggly, cozy quilt, but again, it is completely up to the customer! You supply the shirts and I do the rest!