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Deemed one of a kind by World Patent Marketing in 2014 after a patent search, who would had ever thought that simplicity of this sort would be such a hit ! Pocket Pillow Creations was started as just an idea to gravitate extra income, and because of my love for children, that was my continued motivator behind my work on my creations. I often tell my friends that if parents brought my pillows every time one is requested by a child ,that i would never have any in stock. The Pocket Doll Pillow is a one of a kind pillow. It's a different sort of novelty pillow, that is guaranteed to put a smile on the face of whom ever you decide to purchase it for. My Pocket Creations vary in it's theme, but what's most important is that what you envision is what i create. Thank you to all my customers, and your kind reviews about my pillows and me. Communicating with my customers and answering any questions in a timely manner is a priority here at Pocket Pillow Creations. Your business is greatly appreciate . Thank You Pocket Pillow Creations Teresa