Picturesque Rocks


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Hardeeville, SC
Owned By
Esther Page
Store Details
Hi, this is Esther and Wayne from Picturesquerock. We are a retired couple who actually kind of just fell into this. Years ago I had two diamond cut horse figurines I couldn't figure out what to do with. Found a rock while on a hike I felt would work wonderful with my 2 figures. I made a scene with them using a stagecoach and got many compliments. So, now, when trying to figure out how to supplement our income I remembered that rock. Viola, a business was born! So now months later after many disasters and setbacks, here we are opening a shop on Aftcra. I found that I was wonderful at placing the figurines and trees, but lousy at making the trees. My husband, Wayne offered to try his hand at them. He's spectacular at it (well after a learning curve). So, now we are here to present the finished product. We love them and hope that you will too! The rocks are the hardest part to find, while the figurines are lead-free pewter. Wayne makes the trees and bushes from hemp and/or sisal, using wire for the trunk.