6 piece Bath Towel SET with Embroidered Snowy OWL & iris designs
A FULL SET of bath towels.... featuring these Owl designs. Set includes 2 Bath towels, 2 Hand towels and 2 Washcloths The Bath towels are stitched with the 1st design in a 4 x 7 inch area, 2nd pic hand towel design is about 5 x 5 inches, The washcloths will have the design in the 3rd picture stitched on them in about a 1 x 4 inch size, in colors to match the other flowers. You can choose a Towel color from the "color" selection box If you would like a color that is not offered, please message, it may be available. size of bath towel about 27 x 52 inches size of hand towel about 16 x 26 inches size of washcloth about 12 inches square INTERNATIONAL PLEASE NOTE: If you message me, you can tell me where you are located and I will weigh the item and see if I can get a lower shipping cost for you. Then I can add your location to the shipping options so you will be charged the correct price. If you do not message to ask for lower shipping, you will be charged the 'everywhere else' price listed for a flat rate Large international Box from USPS. Thanks for Looking ( :