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2 obsidian gemstone beads are used for the owls large eyes. this owl is free form handmade by me using silver plated anti tarnish wire. The owl is often misunderstood and believed by many to be the focus of death. With further understanding of the owl though you will find it has many more meanings many of which positive! If you are to come across an owl repeatedly it is thought to mean that there is a message you must heed or a warning you must be aware of! The owl is viewed in so many different ways. In Wales it is thought that if an owl is heard while you are pregnant than an easy labor will come soon to follow. For the ancient Greeks the owl was a symbol of Goddess Athena and was believed to bring higher wisdom To the ancient romans the feather from the owl was believed to allow you to find out the deepest secrets of a sleeping person. According to the Native Americans everyone has an animal chosen for them according to when they were born. Those born between Nov 23 and Dec 21 were given the owl. The owl was seen as a symbol of protection to some Native Americans but to others it was seen as an omen of death. Hearing an owl HOOT near your home is believed to be a positive or negative omen. To know which it means you must pay close attention to what incident follows next. If something good is to happen than the owl is seen as a blessing to you, and good things will continue to follow. But if something negative happens than the owls hoot is believed to be a warning of impending sickness to yourself or someone close to you.