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Bensalem, PA
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Lee Havens
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Welcome to my shop PerfectSilver! I love making beautiful jewelry using silver and gold wire. You will find earrings, pendants, necklaces, bracelets, anklets, and rings here in my shop. I especially love wire wrapping gemstones. Every piece of jewelry you find here has been handmade by me unless otherwise noted that my daughter made it. I chose this name because I believe in turning silver wire into perfect designs for each individual! I started creating handmade jewelry as a hobby and have self taught myself everything I know so far. I find designing jewelry relaxing and fun and nothing can compare to the feeling of creating the perfect piece for my customer and the joy it brings them! From time to time you may find pieces listed that my daughter has made. This has become a fun hobby we do at times together! Pieces you find created by her on here will always say that they were created by her! Be sure to follow me on instagram at and pinterest at