If you are not happy, we are not happy. We like to produce items that can't be found elsewhere for the price. We don't scrimp, but we aren't ridiculous either. There is a product for each spending comfort level. There are things that can't be undone with leather. 1. Name it. If we personalize your item, it is paid for already. If we mess up, that on us and we will get the proper item to you. 2. Cut it. If we make a mistake in measuring, that's on us. 3. Color it. If you get your item and don't quite like the color, we can work with you to get it right.

Payment Policy

If we do one of the items that cant be undone to leather at your behest, we would like to be paid first. Most of our items are ready to go. Given that case, you pay and we ship.

Shipping Policy

We like to use the good ole U.S. post office which has run an excellent race for us so far. Very few delayed deliveries. In the case that your item doesn't make it to you in a reasonable time, we send another one to take its place. In all but one case the customer ended up with two items. No problem though the post office does a great job and we can afford to cover the very few mistakes they make.

Refund & Exchange Policy

We have done 3 refunds in 6 years. If you are not happy, we are not happy. Lucky for us, our customers are happy with what we send.

Contact Information

Feel Free to contact us at. to discuss custom orders or instructions.

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