Peoples Leather, LLC

Heart felt, Hand crafted, Long Lasting

Located In
Amelia Island, FL
Owned By
Bryon Raper
Store Details
Belts, wallets, bags and cases! Leather goods made with care and innovation in mind. Started in 1929 by my Great Grandfather. Continued because I didn't want my kids to owe for college. Our products are simple and built to last. We source materials from companies in the U.S whenever possible (about 85% of the time). We want our customers to feel like they stole something when their product arrives because the quality far surpasses their expectations. I am a no nonsense kind of guy that believes doing something twice is just not good time management, so why buy an item over and over again because it is of poor quality. I have a big set of shoes to try and fill since my grandparents were very decent folks that treated everyone fairly. I had the honor to do some "warranty work" on a wallet my grand dad made before I was born. It left our place looking like it couldn't have been more than 5 years old with a set of new snaps (that's all it needed to start with). We want Americans to have high end items at prices that are reasonable from our shop because we care about you. We aren't just hammering stamps on belts or wallets either. I use a Kwikprint embossing press made right here in Jacksonville by a family business that can open an old book and tell when an antique machine left the floor and which one of their family members finished it and shipped it out. This would be the same machine line that has embossed initials, monograms and images for such makers as Gucci and Fendi to name a few. Our customers Deserve the best and should expect nothing less!
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