Hand-knit Denim Cross-body Messenger Bag with Pocket Pouch
This rugged, hand-knit messenger bag measures about 12 by 9 by 3 inches, but it's got some give so it can stretch a little to accommodate items that might not exactly fit those dimensions. (For example, a 13-inch laptop can slide in.) The strap is about 40 inches long. It's big enough to hold a bunch of stuff but not so big to overwhelm. The painstaking construction involved deconstructing four or five pairs of jeans; cutting the denim into strips; sewing the hundreds of strips together; folding and pressing the strips to minimize fraying edges; knitting the bag, and, finally (phew!) sewing the pieces together. Also included is a three-compartment pouch made of two jeans pockets. This is a handy holder for keys, a phone, a pen . . . all those little things. Although I haven't actually tried to destroy this bag, it does seem virtually indestructible. And it is, of course, completely machine-washable. Just a super-cool, gender-neutral, go-with-everything, and go-anywhere bag!