Lapis Lazuli polished Crystal Necklace
This is a Lapis Lazuli polished stone necklace. It is 11 inches long, but I can shorten it or lengthen it. This stone came to me as a huge one so I had to cut it into pieces. There are also Lapis bead chips surrounding it. At the moment I have a few charms that I can add to it (no extra charge), I have a pheonix, Angel wing, dragon, or the Celtic trinity. Just add a note when buying and I will add to it. The chain is stainless steel and has been sprayed to prevent turning color (it shouldn't but I spray all my jewelry because I am neurotic). The lapis is a blue/white speckled stone that acts as a sheild to those that wear it. If your an empath this is the stone for you as it will block most of those extra feelings. It is also great for creativity and problem solving. If you any questions please ask.