Hematite polished stone Necklace with Black Jasper Chips
This is a 9 inch long Hematite necklace (11 inches with stone) and black Jasper chip necklace. I hand strung these along with wire wrapping the stone. The necklace can be shortened or lengthened and charm added onto it (I currently have tree of life, dragon, pheonix, trinity, goddess, and wings) please add any whatever you customize in the comment section at time of checkout, but please make sure the charm is in stock before ordering. Hematite is a perfect for the Virgo. It brings you into the Earth's grounding and lets you stay grounded. Though these stones are bountiful it is even more powerfull when you wear something from the Earth because it empowers you from within. This is great for those who lack confidence as it will give you that extra boost you need. As an added bonus it does go nicely with anthing because it is grey! Please ask if you have any questions. If you are looking for a particular stone ask I either have it or can get it for you.