Raw Amethyst Stone Necklace
This is a RAW Amethyst stone necklace. It is surrounded by amethyst chips on a stainless steel chain. It is approximately 10 inches in length and can be shortened or lengthened. A charm maybe added to it, currently I have trinity, dragon, goddess, pheonix, and cat with moon, just let me know at time of checkout. I strung and these myself and handpicked the crystal. Some beleive raw crystals are better because they are not softened down and give raw healing energies off. Now, I use both raw and polished stones and really don't notice a difference but some do. Being a raw stone it is a little heavier that one may think but not enough to weigh you down. Amethyst crystals are known as a healing stone. They are perfect to aid in greiving, as they provide calmness, balance, and patience (who couldn't use more patience). This is really an all purpose stone that is used for pretty much anything (like the crystal quartz), or just to look pretty! Amethyst is also excellent for meditation and lucid dreaming (which is totally awesome if you haven't tried yet). It is also to keep one safe on journey's and protect from thieves (which reminds me some four thieves vinegar will be added soon). All in all this is a great stone to have because it comes in handy in many situations. If you have any questions or looking for a particular stone please ask.