VooDoo Tutu Costume with Heart Pin Accessory
If I had to pick a favorite tutu, it would have to be this one. The pictures just don't do it justice. This tutu is based upon the idea of a VooDoo doll. It is just creepy enough for Halloween, while still allowing you to look gorgeous. The triple layer tutu is made with red at the base and as the longest layer measuring around 15 inches. The top two layers are beige and they measure around 14 inches. The tutu is decorated with a ripped and tattered piece of cotton that has been tied upon the waistband. The cotton has been hand tea stained giving it an individual and aged look. The tutu is decorated with "x's", stitches and a heart. There are a couple x's around the tutu to mark the spot and the stitches are to give the tutu an old and crude look. The heart that decorates the waistband is painted to look like it has large stitches around the outer edge. The heard has an "x" and that "x" has a pin through it. The heard it attached to where the cotton is tied on to the waist. This tutu comes with a puffy heart pin. The heard pin is stuffed and sewn crudely together. This heart also features an "x" and a pin. Just like a voodoo doll. This outfit would be perfect for any Halloween themed party or event! It is chic and scary. All tutus are made on an elastic waistband. The waistband has a good amount of stretch to it, at least 6 inches of stretch. If your size is not listed as an option, no fear! Custom orders are available. Prices will vary according to the size needed. Just convo me! **Prices will vary according to size and material needs. If you would like to add extra details or accessories the price will be effected. Please convo me about prices, sizing, details, and so much more! Lastly, keep in mind that custom orders will take time to complete so please allow up to 2 weeks time to create your perfect costume.