Sonogram, Portrait, Photograph Necklace of baby or loved one: To Celebrate Life or Pregnancy and Infant Loss
In June of 2016 my daughter Celia was stillborn. Many mothers who have had miscarriages or stillbirths do not have pictures of their babies. I decided that creating sonogram necklaces would be a good way for mothers to hold their babies close to their hearts. Each one is custom made based on the image that you send me. It can be a sonogram, a photo of your baby, or just about any image at all as long as you can send it to me digitally. Anyone wishing to purchase a necklace with a different type of image or donate money to my cause is free to do so. You can see examples of necklaces I've created under my listing for bronze necklaces. I can create a necklace with any type of photograph in it. Part of the proceeds will be used to purchase gifts for children in Celia's name at a local neighborhood family shelter. It is called Kensington Shelter in Brooklyn, NY