Vintage Pendant Assemblage Necklace, Repurposed, Statement, Wearable Art, Patriotic USA, Service Medal, Memorial Day, Flag, Good Luck
This assemblage necklace is handmade from repurposed vintage jewelry. My inspiration was the Civil Air Patrol service medal in the middle. The other charms consist of service wings, a flag, red and white earrings, and a pendant in the center. Many of these charms are considered to be good luck. A great amount of detail in making this necklace, which is truly a work of art. I collect, buy, and find whole, broken, and mismatched jewelry. I take it apart to suit my needs and create new and beautiful statement pieces. There will never be any two repurposed items that are exactly the same. Part of the proceeds from this sale will be used to purchase gifts for children in Celia's name at a local neighborhood family shelter. It is called Kensington Shelter in Brooklyn, NY Please Note: This type of jewelry is considered wearable art. The beads are made of various materials. Please take care not to drop or mistreat it, as it may break. Store it with care. It may combine vintage and new items. Vintage metals have a tendency to tarnish over time, but can be cleaned with a jewelry cloth.