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Brooklyn, NY
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Nicole Caves
Store Details
In June 2016 my daughter Celia was stillborn at 38 weeks. And in November I had a miscarriage. I created this shop as a way to raise money to donate gifts to children in my babies names' and also as a therapeutic way to work through my grief. I love creating unique, handmade items. The name of my shop is the babies birthstones. My first product was a sonogram necklace because I know for many mothers, that is the only photo of their baby they have. I have been creating repurposed, charm, chain, and beaded jewelry for years. I am adding to my shop as time allows. I have several bath and body products specifically meant to comfort and soothe. I try to keep my products as natural as possible. My lotion bars are a favorite as an alternative to traditional hand lotions. I also create custom made grief and mourning gift packages for loss mothers. Please contact me for more details. If you are interested in a product that has sold out or a possible custom order, please contact me.