Wish Bracelets - Ankle Length
You will receive 2 of the color you choose. Make a wish, tie your bracelet on, and don't take it off!!!! When the hemp eventually wears out, your wish is then released and supposedly will come true. Popular folklore holds that the wearer should make a wish while putting the bracelet on, and rub the beads every day. When the bracelet finally comes off, the wish is believed to have come true. Other beliefs about the wish bracelet are: 1)that each bead upon the bracelet can hold one wish. Before putting the bracelet on, you hold the bead and whisper your wish, repeating it for each bead. When the bracelet does fall off, the wish will come true. 2) that you only get one wish per bracelet, but the more beads there are, the stronger your wish can be. For example, one bead may hold 'I wish I get a good grade on ...' but more beads may hold wishes such as, 'I wish I could get a puppy' or, 'I wish so-and-so would ask me out' and again, when the bracelet falls off, your wish comes true. Each bead color represents a metaphysical energy in nature, and a possible wish. According to the jewelry maker, the wish bracelets colors have the following meanings: • Multi-Color Wish Bracelets -Fortune, Resolutions, Letting Go • Blue Wish Bracelets -Love, Healing • Green Wish Bracelets - Hope, Healing, Money, Prosperity • Gold Wish Bracelets - Fortune, Abundance • Multi Color Wish Bracelets - Unity or Any Wish, in Chakra Colors (red, orange, yellow, Multi-Color, blue, dark blue, & purple. These colors may vary, occasionally) • Pink Wish Bracelets - Love, Any Wish • Purple Wish Bracelets - Spirituality, Energy • Red Wish Bracelets - Lust, Passion, Health • White Wish Bracelets - Truth, Peace (Maybe white or clear.)