Patchworks Designs

Handcrafted in small town Texas

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Hamilton, TX
Owned By
Kathy Mays
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I remember when I was young, my grandmother would sit at her sewing table and make such pretty dresses for me and my sister. I always wore them to school proudly, knowing no one else would have the same dress, or even could come close to it. I discovered that I liked sewing and crafts one summer vacation with my Grandmother. She had me pick out my very own pattern and fabric. Then we went to work, her sharing every detail and secret on how to make the perfect dress to fit anybody. When I was done with the dress it fit perfectly, & I wore it with pride. Now that I am single with three kids, this little hobby of mine comes in VERY handy. It helps with a little money to save for vacations or to pay bills, & to save money. I made my youngest daughter her Dove pagent dress, & every one loved it. My daughter was so proud of it when the judge asked her about it she proudly said that her "Loving Mom made it". I cried.