Faith Bigger Than Fear Labyrinth Quilted Prayer Shawl
Let Faith be Bigger than your Fear 2 Corinthians 5:7, "We walk by Faith not by sight." Labyrinths celebrate life, provide a spiritual connection to our centers, and provide peace and comfort. Done in lavenders, greys, and blues, this is a very peaceful and calming prayer shawl. The labyrinth in this prayer shawl winds its way around crosses on either end and a reminder that our faith can overcome our fear. There are pockets on either end of this prayer shawl that could be used to hold your prayers, an MP3 player or any item you want to keep near. This prayer shawl measures 19.5" x 71" and could be used as a prayer shawl, a table runner a bed runner, or a wall hanging. it was created using coton fabric and a cotton/polyester blend batting.