Teal Rose Rave Bra and Bottoms
PLEASE READ BEFORE PURCHASING ** The original piece in this photo has already found a home:(. You are purchasing a remake of this unique peice in your size. Like all of my recreations, there may be slight variations, as these outfits are handmade and some materials (like trimming, pendents, etc,) may be slightly different, but will be matched for aesthetic beauty and integrity. Please allow up to 3-4 weeks for completion(sometimes we finish sooner!) It would be most helpful to add a due date to get this to you as soon as possible. Bra sizes A - C cup will be made with push up unless requested for no push up. Push up will vary between gentle - bombshell depending on what we choose when selecting your size. Bra sizes D cup and up can be made with push up but is not guaranteed as these sizes are harder to find. ** If your a returning customer please email us for 10% your next order:) ** If price is too much all at once we gladly accept payment plans! Each piece is entirely handmade with love and devotion by me. This is not only a custom outfit - it is a work of art and treated like one! _____________________________________________________ QUICK TIPS BEFORE ORDERING SHIPPING TIME AND DUE DATES - Please give yourself enough time when ordering your outfit for this item to be made and shipped, at least 2-4 weeks! We do make accommodations for orders that are needed sooner than given time just send us a quick email to confirm your due date. - It's best to email me if you need this for a special event so that we can confirm your outfit will arrive prior:) REPLICATION OF THIS DESIGN -We cannot guarantee every item will be made to the 'T' with every rhinestone/trim as pictured but we try our very best to match as close as possible. Thats what makes these pieces unique!:) -If you have any questions before ordering feel free to contact us!! CUSTOM ORDERS - Any bra or outfit may be duplicated to however you like by changing color schemes or using it as an inspiration for your own creation. - All bras start off at $50 while full outfits start off at $80! We sell a variety of items and accessories to complete your outfit! We are our own company! If you have any questions about price, ship time, or designs feel free to email us! We will work with you so you can have the outfit of your dreams! Please feel free to contact Passe Designs for any questions or concerns before purchasing. You may also EMAIL Passe directly PasseDesigns@gmail.com Follow us on Instagram to see our gallery of outfits! @PasseDesigns Handmade by Lea:D