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Shelby Park
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I have been in college for a couple of years now, my field of study requires a lot of studying, math, and other things you would expect out of an Economics major. One day I decided that I wanted to get back into art, which I did a lot of before I went to college, and so I started painting. I saw beautiful watercolor paintings on Pinterest and thought I would try my hand at it. I quickly realized that I LOVED it! I started with a little paint set that I found for less than $2 at Target, meant for small children. It worked, but I wanted something more. I went to the art supply store and found a paint set and paint brushes and started working on some prints. Once I had a few prints that I liked enough, I went ahead and started ParkyPrints! Now ParkyPrints has evolved into more of a digitally designed print shop and I love the direction my business has gone.