Unicorn Rainbow Aura Candle Set, Essential Lavender Oil, Vanilla Oil, Aromatherapy, Soothing, Calming
This set of 4 Unicorn Candles are made with love and positive vibes. Use while meditating or as a house warming gift. Sprinkle some positive vibes and mystical fun in your sacred space or home by using this set of candles. Ingredients: 100% Soy Wax, Lavender and Vanilla Oil, Purple Iridescent Glitter, Gold Leaf, hemp wick covered in beeswax and positive vibes. Rainbow/Titanium Aura Crystal sprinkled the candles. Watch them unfold as the candle melts. Rainbow/Titanium Aura helps all chakras especially The Third Eye and Higher Crown. Represents Power, Love, Spirituality, Healing, Grounding and Protection and stimulates, Harmony, Chakra Alignment, Creativity, Art, Third-Eye, Mysticism, Meditation, Joy, Insight, Channeling Please burn on heat-proof surfaces and do not leave them unattended. Use caution while on. Much Love & Light to you as you enjoy your candle magic. We are offering FREE loose sage blend with every purchase. Just send us a quick message and will include it with your order. Scientist have observed that Sage can clear up to 94% of bacteria in the air and we would love to help you get rid of bad vibes and bacteria for FREE.