Nurture Your Feminine Energy Sage Wand, Smudge Wand, Meditation,Ritual,Love,Healing, Positive Vibes
Nurture your Feminine Energy Sage Wand is made with love and pure positive vibes. Designed to release any blocked Feminine Energy and return to your natural flow and balance. Femininity is a special gift, it makes us softer, gentler, kinder, nurturing, more compassionate, and naturally loving. As women we are naturally more vulnerable and open yet very strong and creative. We are created to bond, we are designed for relationships, we are designed to create life. Ingredients: White Sage, Lavender, Eucalyptus, Light Pink Roses, Light Pink Rose Petals and Pink Hemp Twine. We use all Organic White Sage that is harvested ethically. We honor and respect all plants and herbs that come from Mother Earth. Currently we are growing our own sage and hope to use it for our sage wands by the end of summer of 2020 This is a spiritual tool to assist you in your spiritual journey. Please keep in mind that your intentions are what help you along your path. No Wand is the same. Each uniquely made. Please let me know if you have any questions. Check out our blog on how to use this product. We are offering loose sage as a form of gratitude. Please send us a message and we will include it in your order.