Working with my Shadow Self Sage Wand, Smudge Wand, Meditation, Positive Vibes, Cleansing, Healing, Roses, Purple Flowers
Featured on Essence Magazine 2019 & 2020 This beautiful Working with my Shadows Sage Wand is made to help balance your energy and rise your vibe beyond illusion. Banish any unwanted negative vibes and replace them with pure positive white light. Transcend into Oneness by connecting to your Higher Self. Made with both light and dark colors to help you balance out your spiritual journey. We use all Organic White Sage that is harvested ethically. We honor and respect all plants and herbs that come from Mother Earth. Currently we are growing our own sage and hope to use it for our sage wands by the end of this summer 2019. Materials: Made with Dark and Pink Roses, Dark Purple Seasonal Flowers , Light Fuchsia Seasonal Flowers, Lavender, Eucalyptus, Hemp Twine. Please keep in mind we use seasonal flowers. May look different from picture due to the season and flowers that are available. Check out our blog on how to use this product. *Please keep in mind these tools are made to help you through your spiritual journey and it’s your intentions, thoughts and positivity that help you heal and move forward. Love & Light Happy Smudging!