Winter Vibes Altar Set, 3 Bundles, Smudging, Homegrown Sage, Cypres and Rosemary, Energy Cleansing, Uplift, Recharge
Beautiful altar winter vibes set is made with positive intentions. This set is made to help you get through any anxiety and depression you might be feeling. We tend to stay indoors more during the winter than any time of the year. At times this causes stagnant energy to build up. Use this set once a week or once a month. Depends on how you are feeling or the mood in your home, office or space. Clear the energy and build positive momentum when using this set. Allow creative, positive and healing energy to start flowing into your space. This set includes 3 bundles. 1. Homegrown Sage Bundle- 5 inches long--- Removes stubborn negative energy 2. Homegrown Cypress Bundle- 5 inches long --- Removes feelings of depression and anxiety. 3. Palo Santo (2 sticks) with Eucalyptus, Homegrown Rosemary and Dry Deep Purple Carnation. Helps bring in creative and positive energy. Please send us a message if you would like instructions on how to use this set. All bundles are wrapped with hemp twine.