Cleansing Spirit Candle 100 Percent Soy Wax, Hem, Therapeutic Essential Oils, Energy Cleansing
Cleansing Spirit Candle is made with love and positive intentions. We always ensure to sage and cleanse ur area before creating any of our products. We also call on our spirit guides to assist us in the process and to infuse their pure positive energy into all of our products. Made to remove any negative unwanted energy that may be in your home, around you and you can also cleanse your crystals with this candle. Light this candle when meditating and ask that all the negative energy be removed from you and your space. This candle is also perfect when feeling down, depressed, anxiety and uneasy. Many times we come in contact with others that are upset or not feeling well. Those energies are easily transferred over to others and this candle is perfect to remove those energies. Made with: 100% Soy Wax Palo Santo Oil Lavender Essential Oil Clary Sage Essential Oil Last about 35-40 hours