Cypress Bundle wrapped with Roses, Energy Cleansing, Uplifting, Earthy, Wholesale Available,
Beautiful homegrown Cypress wrapped with Roses. Intentions include, moving forward, accepting change, healing and protection. Cypress is knows to be spiritually grounding, it helps us accept change by allowing us to go with the flow and feeling more secure with ourselves. Burn this bundle when feeling stuck and when wanting to get rid of any stubborn energy. Often times we may perform certain ritual but still feel residue from an emotional traumatic experience or bad negative vibes being directed towards us by someone else. This bundle will assist you in removing those negative vibes. In ancient times Cypress was burned during the loss of a loved one. Smells similar to cedar and provides a forest like scent. Very refreshing and grounding. Cypress wood has been long associated with the everlasting nature of the soul. Materials used: Roses, Cypress and Hemp Twine 8 inches long *** We can customize your order by adding essential oils to your bundle***