Metallic colourful Wooden Plaque - Personalized
Perfect personalized gifts for Holidays, birthdays, weddings or any celebration! Purple & Gold: This was made as a gift to my close friends new born baby girl - her name is written in Arabic in the middle 'Husayna'. I wanted to give her something personalized that she could keep forever and remember us by; it was a great feeling to see how well received it was! Wine & Gold: This was ordered by a client on Etsy, she wanted a special gift for her friends wedding gift! Along with the plaque, she ordered matching coasters as well (as can be seen if you visit the 'coasters' in the shop). For her colour selection, she gave me her friends wedding invitation and asked me to follow a similar palette. She seemed very happy once she received the piece and her review can be found on my feedbacks page. If you are interested in a similar item - we can personalize the whole art piece down to colour and design. Some other ideas with this concept: - A plaque with a husband and wife name for the reception that can then be used in their house - A quote in place of the name - A name written in English - A poem The options are ENDLESS and I would love the opportunity to try something new and make a great memorable piece of art for you. Dimensions: 18x5 This plaque was made with acrylic paint on wood.