100% Natural Henna Paste/Cone - Medium 22g - Qty: 3
I make a fresh, natural Henna paste that is smooth to apply. There are no chemicals added in my Henna and it always leaves a nice dark brown stain. Each package comes with 3 Medium cones! Ingredients include: Natural dried henna leaves, lemon juice, sugar, cloves and essential oils. Each cone is a medium size between 20-25 g each. This makes them perfect for beginners trying to take the next step, and intermediate and professionals alike! To make it interesting, you can even choose from Lavender and Perfume Oil (alcohol free) scented Henna. When you first remove the Henna, it will be orange. The next day it will be red and the third day is a dark brown/burgundy shade. Natural henna progression is a sign of natural paste - if you try henna that is red on the first day, that means colour has been added to the mixture! I always recommend you buy one set and try it out and then decide to buy more - I want to ensure your satisfaction!