Hand Painted 52" Pearl Necklace
This is my 1st piece of my new line of hand painted jewelry. This beauty is a Lucite necklace from the 50's now renewed for a another century of wear. Measures 52", wear in a few different way, like in the pictures and more of your own ideas. The colors remind me of the beach at sunset or sunrise. Soft Pearlescence Accessories Embracing the more futuristic, hi-tech aspect of the Story, a direction revolving metallic and iridescent Finishes that hint a special Effect. My new line of “and Painted” Named “HAND PAINTED DREAMS” Jewelry that is before the trend of 2016/17. All my paints are Eco Friendly natural ingredient's I will be adding Swarovski jewels from my vintage collection. Been collecting Swarovski jewels since 1975. All my hand painted jewelry and more are one - of - kind. If you want the piece to be reversible let me know so I can give you a price for painting the back of the piece. I can also paint it a different color on the other side. If you have a necklace you want painted a color of your choice, just send it to me and will be sent back to you within 2 days. You will have to pay all the shipping costs. We will discuss pricing etc on the phone or email. I have been selling on line since 2000, have an Etsy shop since 2009 and an Ebay Store since 2000. No negative feed back in all this time. Between my 2 other shops I have a total of over 3000 positive and glowing feedback. Let me know if you would like to visit my other shops for Vintage, Collectable and shabby chic items. Thank you so much for stopping by and viewing my new line of hand painted jewelry and more.. I will be adding items almost daily, so keep coming back ;) Blessings your way, Barbara Gene