Mala Prayer Beads 108-Semi Precious Gemstones
HANDPICKED NATURAL SEMI-PRECIOUS GEMSTONE BEADS – Each 8mm bead on our strand of 108 beads is handpicked for quality and color. The guru bead is slightly larger (12-14mm). Each mala is truly unique and may vary in tone and color because we are using authentic natural gemstones (and like a fingerprint, no two are alike!). HANDCRAFTED BY GIFTED ARTISANS WITH LOVE – We make each and every Onley Dreams Mala by hand. Our artisans have a passion for beautiful jewelry and the love that goes into making them is evident as soon as you hold one in your hands. Each and every bead is threaded on a durable S-Lon Cord. Every mala is finished off with a special bead (to represent the end of the strand of 108) and a traditional tassel like the ones found on Tibetan japa malas.