Antiqued spice rack nail polish holder shelf
This Beautful antiqued shelf is perfect for a spice rack or even as a nail polish holder. It has cubbies for any size bottle! Handmade out of pallet wood this shelf is bound to gain the attention of everyone that sees it! Stain and color charts are provided above. You can chose the colors that you would like while creating an order. Be sure to pick both a stain base coat and a color paint top coat. If you would like two paint colors instead of a stained finish you can do that. When selecting a color on your order pick the color in the variations section that you would like as the top coat. and then send me a note with your order for the color you would like as the base coat. You can also just do a stain finish. If you cannot find the color you like we can do a custom order for you and do the color that you would like. You would need to send a picture of the color that you are hoping for with a custom order request. This will also be a small up charge of about $5.00. Please be aware that all colors can vary a little from what is shown due to the way the paint dries and other factors. If you get your item and you are not satisfied we do offer refunds as well as other options to help you become 100% satisfied with your order. ********************************************************************************************** Each shelf is made with real wood. Each piece of wood has its own unique, natural imperfections (grain, knots, nicks, etc.) which adds to the character of each piece! If you find yourself receiving a piece that you pictured differently, please don't hesitate to let us know. We will do everything we can to ensure that you love your purchase.