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Lubbock, TX
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Lauren Oden
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I encountered lettering on accident, as I have with most things I love. I've always had a fascination with words; I could read by the time I was 4 years old (we're talking Dr. Suess people, don't let me trick you into thinking I'm THAT smart). To be honest, I've never been much of an artist, but I've always been an avid doodler. In middle school my doodling skills began to manifest themselves as teachers droned on and on (have I mentioned I'm a middle school teacher?...hmm...) but by college I would say my doodling skills had fully blossomed. But lettering was still a step away. Last year I happened upon some hand-lettering accounts on Instagram. I fell in love with the expression, artistry, and idea of it all. My dear husband got me some lettering supplies for Christmas, and encouraged me to explore (he's the dreamiest!). As I practiced (and practiced, and failed, and practiced, and hated my work, and practiced) I eventually said something like "ooh, I wish I could print a poster of this one, I love it so much!". Again, my darling husband prevailed at being the dreamiest in the land because he taught me how to digitize my projects and encouraged me along this adventure. The rest is history. My products are pieces of my heart and soul. I choose words that speak to the best parts of me, the parts that yearn for all the experiences the world has to offer, the parts that long for the unification of all peoples, the parts that I don't get to show my students, coworkers, and typically family. I hope my products are as beautiful and therapeutic to you as my creative process is to me. Thank you so much for stopping by, if you have any questions or just want to chat shoot me a message!
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