Magnetic Marble Drop Game-Reclaimed Wood
Who doesn’t love a marble run game?! All the pieces can be moved around on the metal surface to create different drops and runs. Super entertaining way to keep the kiddos busy, and also can be a great distraction at the office. Great for teaching a little physics with a little patience. Made with re-purposed/reclaimed oak framing and super strong rare earth magnets. Comes with 11 pieces and 12 mini marbles. Please note, regular sized marbles do not fit in the track very well. There are three 12″ pieces, three 10″ pieces, three 8″ pieces, one 6″ piece and one “basket” to catch the marbles. The Oak is 3/4" thick and the face is 1" high. The end "basket" has a re-purposed leather front with copper tacks. It will either be light or dark brown leather. If you have a color preference, please let me know in the comments box at checkout. Available in two non-toxic finishes: Natural Oak and Dark Walnut. I also offer extra pieces if you would like to make a longer run. To see a sample run, click here: WARNING: Marbles are a chocking hazard. Magnets are super strong, so you might pinch fingers if the pieces snap together unexpectedly. For ages 5 and up. Always use under adult supervision.