soap of the month club. 3 months
welcome to the soap of the month club! so what is this you ask? soap of the month club is where you are purchasing (3) bars of goats milk glycerin soap. you can get this luscious soap for yourself, or for someone else who loves handmade soap once a month. NOTE: you will not get all (3) bars of soap all at once. instead you will get (1) bar of soap per month. and it will be a surprise soap scent that you will just fall in love with. so it will be a different fragrance each month! how cool is that? so how do you do get this soap each month? easy.. I will have your address when you order, and Ill have a note to deliver on the first of the month to get it to your door. do I have to pay shipping each month? NO.. its all paid for all at once. no more money is paid out from your end at all:) do I have any hidden fees? no. just a one time payment! how big is the soaps? they are gonna be 6oz size bars. I make all of my bars of soap really Huge, so you will get your moneys worth! If you are purchasing these soaps for someone else. you must send me the persons address for me to ship it to in order for them to receive the lovely soap surprise! NOTE: the shipping is a (1) time payment shipping for all three months!