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Nature & Occult Inspired Home Goods & Aromatherapy with a Touch of the Macabre

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Ithaca College, NY
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Dark aesthetic home goods by a goth. I make ecofriendly & ethical small batch 100% yellow beeswax sculptures, candles made from coconut wax & beeswax in elegant vessels, aromatherapy & more. I'm presently still running burn tests on my vessels due to the complexity of the design but I am uploading new products on a regular basis. In the past I've done metaphysical jewelry making, dream catchers & boondoggles. I'm used to selling on Etsy, Ebay, Storenvy and Depop. So you can also check me out there! I post my candle creations and a bit about the process on IG as well. I'm passionate about arts & crafts, thrifting, upcycling or repurposing items giving them a second life to shine, mental health awareness, non-human animal welfare (you can see my emotional support animal on IG, Tai. Isn't she the cutest?! Yes, I am THAT crazy cat Mom), spreading awareness about medical neglect and malpractice (what's your story? Hit me up!), video gaming, environmental and biological conservation. I have a B.S. in the environmental sciences and after becoming unable to work in the traditional sense due to needing so many workplace accommodations, I decided to share my love of candle-making and home goods with the world. To me every day is Samhain, or more commonly known in the US as 'Halloween'. I worship the moon Goddess and am quite the eclectic & eccentric soul. I am a one woman show and while I would love to do custom orders for everything I sell, at this time I am only doing select custom orders on potpourri and I can make any of my beeswax sculptures undyed, not painted or decorated at all in the event you are wanting to use it for it's air purifying properties. I typically use yellow beeswax due to it's lovely scent but I can also do white beeswax . I have verified SDS sheets of all oils and waxes I use and slightly borderline stalked the suppliers to get the answers I need about ethical sourcing. SO I did all that work for you! I'm a bit intense but I take that stuff seriously. Thank you for checking me out and bearing with my rant! Have a blessed rest of your day!
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