Glow in the Dark Star Stickers, DIY Realistic Night Sky for Ceilings and Walls
These glow in the dark star stickers look so real that you'll think someone cut a hole in your ceiling! They glow all night long and ar, Invisible by day too. Trouble sleeping? These are for you - they'll help you to relax as you drift off to sleep. Why are they so realistic? Because all of our decals are handmade. No two are exactly alike. Your Halo Star kit contains stars in 3 Sizes for a really realistic 3D Illusion. Decals are removable, you can leave them in place as long as you like, they will light up every night until you remove them. How many do you need? You can order as little as 207 halo stars to cover the ceiling area over your bed, or cover your entire ceiling by adding more kits to your order. 207 Stars - Perfectly covers the area over your bed. 414 Stars - Dense coverage over your bed, or small bedroom 621 Stars - Average Kids Bedroom, great coverage. 828 Stars - Master Bedroom, or very dense coverage in an average kids bedroom 1035 Stars - Denser Coverage in Master, or Deep Space coverage in kids room - OR....Ceiling & walls in a kids room! DO YOU NEED A BLACKLIGHT? NO SPECIAL LIGHTING REQUIRED for a realistic glow (they do need light during the day to charge though) However - I do recommend a black light for easy installation - it makes so much easier to see them as you put them up - A Black light will also charge your stars 100% allowing you to see color hues and details in our hand painted decals. Black Lights should be 20w or stronger for the best flood light effect - it will take about 20 minutes of exposure to fully charge your star decals. Helpful Hints: - Decals and Star murals are designed to blend into your light or white bedroom ceiling/wall by day. If your ceiling is a darker color the decals will be visible by day, but will still glow all night long. - The darker the room the better. LED lights should be covered for best viewing. Make your ceiling look as black as possible by removing all extra light sources and your glow in the dark stars and decals will look amazing. - FOR NEWLY PAINTED SURFACES - Please allow 30 days for your paint to cure before applying decals. - Decals adhere to clean residue free surfaces, please prep your surface before applying decals. - Decals may not stick to graffiti proof paints, low voc/no voc paints without preparation -- PLEASE REQUEST TEST STRIP AND LOW VOC PREP INSTRUCTIONS IF YOU THINK THAT YOU HAVE PAINT THAT REPELS DECALS. - NOT RECOMMENDED FOR BLACK OR DARK SURFACES, but we do have stars that are made for black surfaces - if you don't see the listing, please ask. **Feel free to contact me with any questions or if you'd like a custom decal set put together for you.