1,000 Glow in the Dark Ceiling Star Stickers for a realistic DIY star ceiling - Halo Stars
Night View Art "HALO STARS" are the most realistic star stickers on the market!! Our Glow in the Dark Stick on Halo Star Kits will glow ALL NIGHT LONG! All of our Decals are handmade so no two are exactly alike. They are so easy to put up - just peel & stick randomly. Layout instructions are included. What you get: 1,035 Halo Star set, 3 Sizes for a 3D Illusion, and 2 Color hues for a realistic glow. This is enough stars to cover an entire bedroom ceiling - 120-140 sq ft of coverage. Double your order if you want a really dense star field! Halo Stars are the perfect addition to your space theme bedroom decor. Night View Art decals are that unique bedroom decor idea that you've been searching for. Perfect for Apartments, College Dorm Rooms, Military Barracks, and guest rooms. They are self adhesive and removeable. Designed to blend perfectly into white and light colored ceilings by day - they are clear to neutral in color when the lights are on - but when you turn off the lights they'll begin to glow beautifully and peacefully all through the night. WHAT MAKES OUR STARS SO SPECIAL? +Our Halo Stars are made with 2 pigment colors: A Bright "Star" Center surrounded by a hazy blue halo - you have to see it to believe it. +We hand paint every star and decal - Our stars are not mass produced simple glow dots - they have subtle color hues that make glow beautifully. +We've designed our halo stars stickers to create such a realistic illusion of the night sky that you'll think someone cut a hole in your roof :-) +Decals are made with the brightest, longest lasting glow pigments available. They will glow beautifully all night long. +They will last for years to come and will not "fizzle" out! +By design, your Halo Stars will blend unnoticeably into your white or light ceiling by day. When you turn the lights off at night your stars will glow gently, beautifully, and will even twinkle as you gaze at them! +Decals and star stickers are made on removable wall vinyl material. The sticker material will not damage your walls. Stickers are easy to remove so would be perfect for dorm rooms, barrack rooms, or apartments. Thank you for looking at our Halo Star listing. I am available to answer any questions that you may have or help you choose the perfect combo for your outer space room project!