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Mooringsport, LA
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Jessica Hohmann
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Hello, I'm Jessica the happy housewife. I'm the mother of 3 children aged 11, 9, and 3. 4 years ago, my husband started on the difficult career of being an OTR truck driver and I quit my job to stay home. It was until last year that we were able to move out of my mom's into our own home. It's wonderful having our own place but on one income, the budget becomes tighter and tighter. In May of 2016, in a lighthearted conversation with my husband, JA, I lamented that I couldn't turn my love of cross stitch and all things nerdy into extra money to help buy groceries. He was the first to suggest bookmarks, because, after all, most of us would rather read the book first. Since then, I've devoted my time into turning Nerdy Mom Hobbies into an actual business. I've been designing and stitching and coming up with new ideas. I know we have an awesome idea, and though this probably won't be a full time career, I look forward to making things that people will use