My Way Soap

All Natural, Handmade and Beauitfully Scented

Located In
West Des Moines, IA
Owned By
Austin Sandusky
Store Details
We love the old fashion way of doing things. And we love all natural products. Maybe we're just nostalgic and a bit too wholesome, but we believe the forgotten crafts of yesterday are in many ways superior. We put our family and friends first. Knowing they use our soap and other products, we put all of our care and efforts into how we make our soaps and bath products. I, Austin, fell in love with the craft of natural soap making during the winter of 2013. I began learning and experimenting with soap recipes to help my dry skin and to feel better about what I was putting on my body. Discovering and exploring homemade soap was a new adventure for me. Eventually I began to fill rooms with soaps of amazing scents and year round nourishment my body was craving. The all natural ingredients that I could actually pronounce were doing great things for my Italian skin. When I started giving out the soaps to friends and family and getting excellent feedback I was inspired to keep creating. My Way Soap was soon born. Danielle and I founded My Way Soap with the intentions to craft soap our way: Natural, old fashion, and one of a kind scents. We package it with the intentions of making this an excellent gift for your family and friends. We've been so fortunate to create custom orders for businesses, families, wedding showers, a variety of celebrations and more. The soap's popularity inspired us to craft more bath and body products designed to be all natural and scented beautifully. Skin is so precious, so we've created unique recipes to honor that. To achieve a premium bar of soap that is 100% natural, supremely moisturizing and cleansing, only ingredients that serve a purpose and are natural will go into out soap. They are made from quality plant oils such as Italian olive oil, organic coconut oil, Shea Butter, Avocado oil and other plant oils/butters blended in the traditional cold process method. My Way Soap is: All Natural, handmade, homemade, and most of my soaps are vegan. With a wide variety of skin types and personal scent preferences, we have created many unique soaps and bath products to choose from. Look around and enjoy the experience.
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