Mori-chan's Garden

A Hand-crafted Forest of Fun!

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Leoma, TN
Owned By
Heather Morris
Store Details
Welcome to my shop! In it you will find a variety of items, many of which are made of Eco friendly, reclaimed, or recycled materials. All of them are hand crafted using traditional or self made patterns. I am definitely a lover of trees and all things growing, and I hope it shows in my work. I am also inspired by traditional Celtic and Japanese art forms, both of which enjoy the contradiction of being both incredibly ornate and austerely plain, sometimes in the same piece. I try to keep designs simple and well made; it's better to sew one seam well than a poorly made item. True beauty comes from the functionality of forms; all the aspects of an object should be harmonious and pleasing to the senses, and sturdy enough to do what it is intended for. Everything in this store has a story behind it. I learned to sew yukata from an elderly Japanese woman who made them for homesick exchange students at my undergraduate college. My kanzashi are made to reflect the plants and animals around me, just like those made hundreds of years ago. The play between modern and ancient, natural and man made, make all of the items fun to make and hopefully fun to use! See something you like? Want to know more? None of the prices are set in stone either, so browse around and feel free to ask questions!