Vintage Brownie Halkeye Camera Lamp for Table, desk Steampunk  Industrial
George Eastman patented his first Kodak camera in 1889 with the slogan: 'You press the button we do the rest'. The much loved Brownie Hawkeye cameras have a moulded bakelite body and use a brilliant viewfinder. May 1949-Nov 1951: This is the Brownie Hawkeye Flash Model which is capable of accepting a wide range of Kodak pin and screw flash attachments. This same camera was also manufactured in France as Brownie Flash Camera. This Brownie Jr. camera enjoying a second life as a desk lamp. I hand make these because I love the history or each camera. The power cord has a small on/off switch on it. This lamp includes the vintage style bulb (shown) which will ship with it. Details: ➤ Dimensions: 17"H x 8"W x 8"L (30cm x 8cm x 15cm) ➤ Includes 60 Watt Bulb ➤ This lamp accepts all standard bulbs or Edison bulbs ➤ 6 ft. cord with ON/OFF switch on the socket ➤ All components are UL Listed and approved for commercial use This lamp is a 100% re-purposed lamp. Great conversation piece for any room! The lamp give is unbelievably relaxing. The filaments in any of the bulbs are beautiful! It's the perfect amount of light for cuddling & a nap on a rainy day or reading a good book.