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My heart belongs to a hero, hand stamped jewelry, hand stamped necklace, police wife jewelry, police officer necklace My heart belongs to a hero hand stamped necklace. Hand stamped on a 1.25" washer blank. Comes adorned with handcuff charms and blue and black beads. Perfect for a police officer wife. If you'd like this personalized with a name blank please contact me. All items come packaged ready for gift giving. Hand stamping is done by hand and each letter is stamped by hand. This means that no two pieces are ever alike and some letter might not be "perfect." This is a not a defect in your piece. It just means your piece is truly unique and one of a kind! I can not stamp on the back of pieces unless noted in item description. All jewelry should be stored carefully in a plastic bag or jewelry box after each use to protect its life, integrity and patina. Storing your jewelry carefully will also help prevent tarnishing. Copper, brass, bronze and silver will oxidize over time. I do not treat the metals in anyway and do not put any chemicals on them. To restore the metals sheen you can clean your jewelry using a polishing cloth.